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DotDotDash: Art Walk, First Names Only Please

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, August 10, 2007, at 04:52PM

Even with a Main street makeover, Downtown still holds its secrets. The scoop comes in bits and pieces from those you know on a first name basis. More after the jump...

_IGP96944th and Main introduced the mood of the night as Paris Kilton skated with other LA Derby Dolls past Pete's handing out flyers while dressed in proper sportswear. Across the street next to Ray's, Orlando's Hair has a crew that only go by the names Amira, Lorna, and Carlos. Around the corner from the salon, images and film by Anyes played at The Con for the opening of Beyond Beauty, a show with proceeds going to Interplast.

..— Historic Matt arrived ready to board the Downtown Art Walk DASH to tell bits of landmark building history while the other DASH had Mike the Poet, adding narration for those on board. . . In front of the empty burger joint 1947project set up shop and passed us the word that an apartment once believed to be the home of the Poet Laureate of Skid Row (Charles Bukowski) is on a city fast track to be demolished. August 17 is the deadline for any preservation evidence. BTW Bukowski's birthday is August 16, 1920.


jay walkingThe Hive had a colloborative work by Racecar 13, Mary & the Machine and J.Shea. Man-One's crew were carefully eyeing a blank wall next to the graf Gallery Crewest, all prepping by sketching one word monikers on paper..— Metro Sax Steve brought out the inner artist by playing his alto sax in front of Metropolis Books, giving a summer soundtrack for a protest two doors down as LACAN's tent city and Skidzilla gave a performance worthy of an art review.


The Nickel wasn't slow with Pharmaka, BGA, and Red Dot continuing previous shows. At The Alex, Charley O's is a study in layers of renovations. The disco floor under the turn of the century brickwork is artful in itself ..— The galley next door will be a cafe according to Susie. DDD says dub it "The Alexius" to name it after the man of means who lived poor and kept his name hidden.


emmerich ImaginAsian theater was once the Linda Lea, and inside the walls evidence of it's previous incarnations as the Arrow and the Aztec were discovered..— The Town Crier caught the new Downtown being taken away in a shopping cart to be recycled. The cart was filled with empty wine bottles from receptions around Gallery Row ..— Later at The Alex Emmeric painted live while burlesque was on stage and in the Main St tradition, fake names were used, and not everything was revealed.


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