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Two Months Later, a Contrast in Street Presence

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, August 22, 2007, at 03:33PM
Cutting off Spring Eric Richardson [Flickr]

In June we talked about the sad state of retail at 7th/Spring, where a shop selling mostly adult DVDs had turned its back on Spring street (pictured, left). That shop closed at the end of the month, its lease terminated after developer Barry Shy fielded numerous complaints. In its spot a new shop opened, selling the typical 7th street wares of toiletries and perfume (pictured, right). While it might be nice to ask for a different product mix, the store represents a great improvement in street interface.

The DVD shop butted shelving units against the unit's Spring street side, and left those rolldown gates permanently lowered. That made the side of the building an attractive place to loiter. In contrast, the perfume shop has opened that side of the store back up and contributes life onto Spring.

Though the location's still not listed on their website, the opening of the Raspado Xpress next door on Spring has similarly done great things. The two combine to transform the feel of that end of the block.

While I'm not often looking to buy perfume or a smoothie when I pass by, I'm definitely fond of seeing both these shops open.


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