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DotDotDash: 'I'm Walking Here' Edition

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Saturday, August 25, 2007, at 12:41AM

DDD covers some ground to bring you some notes. Some are fake. Some are real. It's after the jump;

The M.O. is old-school: Someone well dressed and stylin' will use a crisp $100, $50 or $20 dollar bill to purchase a small item, then pocket the change. ..— Banquette's Monica May reports to DDD she's come across new counterfeit "super bills" that will baffle anti-counterfeit pen markers, so staff is now looking twice and checking the fibers of any big-bill-small-purchase transaction. ..— When the heat is on, sometimes counterfeiters trying to pass bills will ask for change for a twenty from a stranger. Welcome to urban living.


Box-Office Heat: The summer movie season isn't just big for blockbuster box-office. It's the time of the year more illegal DVD's hit the streets, and the demographic of Santee Alley shoppers are willing to purchase bad copies of newly released films––shot by an audience member––that are then duplicated on DVD...— Number one on the charts are action and children flicks, according to an industry insider. Creative inspiration: Actor, and now film producer, Jerry Seinfeld used the underground bootleg industry as a gag idea that was filmed last week at the corner of 4th and Spring.


_IGP0359 More fakes For anyone thinking 7th and Hope has a new gym, relax. The treadmills you can see in the windows are for a film shoot. Local residents may read more into this: As the Downtown Neighborhood Council's ad hoc filming committee and the City of L.A. reaches the paperwork stage for new rules, this weekend Pershing Square is surrounded by those yellow signs guiding film crews to parking and film locations. The working name of the project is Out of Control. Speaking of: With a writer's strike still possible, it was expected that there would be no August vacation from filming. At last count, there were 10 major closures within the last few days, some coming this weekend (at the same time). That's just part of 25 eNotifications for filming Downtown issued in one day and according to an emailed "traffic" report, "Keep an eye out for that helicopter over the Four-Level on Sunday."


Where's the tradition of the back seat gonna be held?: For that Drive-in Movie experience, pedestrian style, Nico Bella is presenting "The Million Dollar Drive In" in city parking lots. It opens tonight (August 25) with a double feature; John Waters Hairspray (88) and Crybaby(90). Let's all walk to the lobby: The first installment will be at 529 S. Spring and the front half of the parking lot is designed for cyclists and pedestrians who want to picnic. ..— Cars in the back please. . . and only the first 20, and they must pre-1965. Gates open at 7:30. More details are here


All day film fest: Saturday is the Community Unity Festival, an indie video and film (and music) fest being held at Maple and Los Angeles St from 10am to 5pm. Now Showing; The list of films include The Real Deal ( Los Angeles Poverty Department), On Memory (The Baudi Collective), Classroom (Tyler Spiers) and Sleepwalking in VGA (Benjamin Pezzillo) ..— Some of the filmmakers will be on site and extra love for the skateboarding culture.


Marching in the street news Broadway will hold a march to protest the deportation of immigration activist Elvira Arellano, who was arrested August 19 at the La Placita church near Olvera Street. ..— Traffic Jam This Noon march starts at Olympic and Broadway and moves on to City Hall, closing Broadway and limit parking on Main St. More Closures Nisei Week Closing Ceremonies & Ondo festival is this Sunday, including a street fair on San Pedro both Saturday and Sunday. ..—

_IGP0349Last add: No matter how hot and tired one may be from filming, fighting filming, walking, biking, or marching, this water source as found in Little Tokyo makes one want to resist quenching a thirst. ..— Then again, "Sweat in August" would make a good slogan. March on Downtowners.


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