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Blocked by Laziness?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, August 25, 2007, at 07:16PM
Blocked Off Lane Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The photo at right shows 6th street, as it's looked all day today at Hope. The left traffic lane is blocked by a big electronic arrow sign, despite the fact that no one's using the lane and all the cones are sitting on the sidewalk. I think the lane closure was for a shoot last night, but the sign is the only remnant still on the street.

As usual, today's protest march on Broadway created a traffic disaster on 6th street. Traffic was backed up from Hill street, where DOT had the roadway blocked off, straight back to Figueroa. I'm sure the situation wasn't made any better by this leftover piece of equipment.

It's a scene that I've seen repeated several times over the past few weeks, and it's one that really should never exist. It's simply ridiculous that a Downtown street should remain blocked because someone -- DOT? private company? -- is too lazy to come pick up their sign.


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