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Six Months After Bust, Scattered Gang Graffiti Shows Property Owners that Simply Don't Care

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, August 29, 2007, at 10:23AM
Old Tags Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Nearly six months after LAPD busted up the 5th/Hill gang, some property owners still haven't found it worth their time to paint over gang graffiti. It was way back in March that then-Captain Smith announced that officers had just completed a major operation against the gang. A ten-month investigation led to thirty-one arrests and the seizure of $250,000 in cash and 80 pounds of heroin.

In the preceding months the gang's graffiti presence had grown in the Historic Core. Roll down doors were frequent targets, as was signage. The gang even left their mark on the side of Central Division.

Six months later that activity is gone, but signs still remain where property owners have made no effort to clean them up. The most egregious example is this pictured parking booth, located in the lot on Spring street between the Hayward and Premiere Towers.

Whatever the reason for having allowed it to stay, this sort of tagging is simply not acceptable and must be erased. Downtown deserves better.

Update (11:30am): I had originally pegged L&R (Joe's Parking Lots) as owning the lot, but then all of a sudden had one of those "Wait, what if they don't?" moments. I'm taking out my specific criticism of them until I settle that bit. PShark lists ownership with the Thomson Trust, a group whose head is (or was) on the Historic Downtown BID board.


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