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Bike Racks Arriving

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, September 04, 2007, at 01:53PM
Future Bike Rack Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I was walking out of my building just not to head back into the office when I saw bike racks being installed across the street. Within the next day or so all of those orange paint marks that showed up a few weeks ago will be replaced with nice inverted metal U racks (the one pictured is one of the ones I saw getting installed right now).

As I've said, I think bike racks are a great way to back up our talk about Downtown being a place where you don't need to take your car everywhere. Riding around on a bike is nice, but what are you supposed to do when you get to your destination and there's nowhere to lock it?

Hopefully these racks will also make logistics easier for the monthly Downtown Art Ride (led by the elusive Dave Bullock), a great way to check out the galleries on Art Walk night.


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