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Bad Maps: CRA Edition

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, September 06, 2007, at 09:55AM

CRA Map This morning I was glancing through this CRA report (PDF) on purchasing SRO hotels (lead story in this week's Downtown News gives the backstory on that). It was all pretty boring and repetitive until I came to page 8 of the 9 page PDF. There the CRA provided a map showing the locations of the hotels to be purchased.

The first dot that drew my eye was #2, the Rosslyn Hotel at 112 W. 5th street. I thought the dot was way off, sitting west of Spring. Then I looked a little closer, and scratched my head a bit, and realized that CRA has mistakenly stuck the Spring street label on Main street. Even given that error, the Rosslyn's still in the wrong spot, situated on the corner of 5th and Spring instead of 5th and Main.

I have to say that a redevelopment agency putting out a Downtown map with the streets mixed up is definitely worthy of a Bad Maps designation.

As a Bad Maps bonus, Jason spent enough time staring at the massive Metro county route map to notice that he's never quite heard of this place called Tu U nga.


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