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One Less Invisible Retail Deal

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, September 13, 2007, at 10:48AM
Finally Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Way back in May I wrote about the frustration of invisible retail deals -- cases where people (I'm looking at you here Downtown News) say a deal has been done, but the space still just shows a For Lease sign. It's a frustrating phenomenon because it gives the person on the street a very different view of Downtown life than that we hear about.

The example I used in May was that of the corner space in the Brockman Building at 7th & Grand. The deal was considered closed this spring, but despite postings for public hearings on liquor licenses the For Lease sign stayed up. Finally within the last day or so a new Leased sticker has shown up on top.

I don't know if this particular timing was some technical trigger in the deal, but it's very good to see a space finally say that it does have a tenant lined up. Now if we could only say the same for the restaurant space open in the Fine Arts Building, which the ever-helpful Downtown News said had a deal done back in March -- nothing was ever signed and that deal fell through months ago.


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