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Ralphs Testing Undercover 2am Closing Time

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, September 14, 2007, at 12:40PM
Ribbon Cutting Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Over on the SkyscraperPage Forums LAofAnaheim notes that apparently Ralphs is sneakily testing a 2am closing time, instead of their original midnight cutoff.

Hey all! Ralphs is open until 2 am!!! I was just in there getting dinner, and I've noticed recently that their doors are open past 12 am. I asked recently "are you open past 12?" and the store manager said "yes, we are doing a test run until 2 am...and it's doing well". Kinda odd they do this with no notice. and the signs still say 5 - 12 am But eh, tell your neighbors, friends, etc.. let's get a 24 hour Ralphs soon! They have no timeline on this test run.

Now it seems to be that if you wanted to actually wanted to make a trial run with new hours a success, you'd go and tell people about it. Then again, I'm often baffled by hour choices. In any case, it's nice to see Ralphs open 21 hours per day instead of a mere 19.

Pictured is the ribbon cutting at the Downtown Ralphs grand opening back in July.


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