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Additions to the Crowd

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, September 14, 2007, at 01:53PM
Window Shop Ed Fuentes

With the Museum of Neon Art (MONA) exhibiting at The Continental Building, solid monochrome paintings of the bridges over the Los Angeles River hanging at Crewest, "aggressive seizure" with clay troops in the windows of Phantom Galleries, and Yun Bai's ""Elegant Nasty" making you do a double take at BGFA –– you can say there was something for everyone at the September Downtown Art Walk.

It was no surprise that the galleries were busy, including the video installations at MoronoKaing Gallery and Spring Arts Collective.

To know that Downtown residents, who normally would not join the throng, were out feeling relatively safe says a lot about how far the Art Walk has grown. There were more families out and around visiting the galleries earlier in the evening, and as one expectant mother said with a tot in tow, the Art Walk DASH makes that possible.

Just a important as art being exciting and experimental, is how walking on a Downtown street in the evening needs to be routine.

Pictured: Above left, a new art fan watches neon at the MONA exhibit. Right, Mike the Poet hooks up with Carlos the DASH Driver. After the jump, artist Yun Bai at BGFA.

(Yun Bai)


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