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A Bad Maps Success Story

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, September 26, 2007, at 10:41AM

New and Old Maps When I first posted the Market Loft maps last October and started the Bad Maps series, it wasn't with any particular goal in mind. I didn't set out to try and get the mistakes changed, because doing that would involve phone calls and not just posting about it here on the site.

That's why I was more than bit surprised and pleased to get an email from the CRA yesterday saying that they had fixed the Main / Spring mislabel I posted about a few weeks back. Turns out the mistake was in the base map for the Center City plan area, and CRA has pushed a new map up onto their site (though it's an embedded PDF that I have to open in Safari).

Pictured is a comparison of old and new, with the corrected map at left showing Spring street in its proper alignment. Well done, CRA.

Now maybe someday Public Works will fix the huge Downtown maps they keep putting up in the street furniture kiosks.


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