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The City on the Move

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, September 26, 2007, at 07:05PM

Springfield: City on the Grow Randomly making my way through some articles from the Times archives this evening I ran across a mention that caught my eye. In a 1983 article on the tough sales environment faced by the Skyline and Promenade West, author Kerry Platman mentions a sales pitch put together by the Skyline.

Past the sculptured carpets of the Skyline lobby lies a plush, softly lit screening room, nine slide projectors and an eight-minute film costing $48,000 in which a soothing voice tells of Los Angeles, the city "on the move," the city "rediscovered."

It strikes me that it would be great fun to get a hold of that film today and see how its Downtown pitch holds up.

Pictured, a still from the Simpsons episode $pringfield.


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