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7-Eleven Starts to Get Its Signage

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, September 27, 2007, at 08:58AM
7-11 Signage at the Mandel Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Yesterday a pair of blade signs went up for the 7-11 that will be going into The Mandel, at 7th and Olive. This is the store that we first heard of last October when they had a notice for alcohol sales up for about a day. That application is still listed as pending by California ABC. No sign of an opening date, and given the pace this building has moved at I'd say it'll be a couple months yet.

This signage produces yet another head-scratcher of a finish for The Mandel, a building that's had its share of interesting design choices. Are we supposed to pretend those wrought-iron looking decals are the real thing holding the signage out, and just ignore the big white block of metal? Also, why did you put those rectangular frames up (pictured after the jump) if you were just going to plop a blade sign in the middle? I'm holding out hope there's still some regular signage coming to fill in the gaps on the side there.

Thanks to Victor for emailing with first word on the signs.

As frustrated as I am by the choices going into the building, I will say that I'm excited for 7-Eleven. I'll gladly admit that I'm someone of very common tastes. I'm sad to see fast food getting the boot and will gladly stop at 7-Eleven for the occasional fountain drink. Heck, Kathy and I visited Boston this spring and I was even taken in by the Dunkin Donuts on every corner.

Famima!! is great, and I'm there several times a week (and their Nathans hot dogs are a good fill-in for 7-Eleven's), but sometimes you just want a Big Gulp.

The signage frame, with blade sign:

7-11 Signage at the Mandel


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