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Easiest Route to a Street Closure

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, October 10, 2007, at 10:16AM

Bert Green has long joked that the easiest way to do any kind of street fair Downtown would just be to grab a couple of video cameras and call it a film shoot. You'll get your permits and closures no problem. We always laughed and thought it was a funny (yet true) joke.

Turns out the Roosevelt has gone and done just that. Saturday night they're hosting a party for the La Femme Film Festival and needed a closure so they could have the festivities right on 7th street. The filming notice just came via email. They'll be filming "REDEVELOPMENT OF DOWNTOWN", and give this description of the scene:

PENDING COMMUNITY SURVEY 3 local bands perform. Exterior performance & playback. Staged performance interviews. Exterior establishing shots. Interior shots of Roosevelt lobby, crowd scenes. Base Camp/Crew Parking @ 727 W. 7th St. Prep Date/Strike Date 10/13 - 10/14

Full closure of 7th street from Flower to Hope will run from 5pm Saturday to 3am Sunday morning.

I admire their innovation, but calling this closure a film shoot is pretty shady.

Update (10pm): A revised notification (though it doesn't say that) went out around 8:30. Now they're shooting "Roosevelt Lofts Promo Video" with 200 "extras." Full description after the jump, along with an image of the party invite.

So the new description reads:

Interior dialogue in lobby. Exterior establishing shots. Exterior dialogue. Exterior performance & playback. Performance stage in street. 200 extras. Camera and equipment on sidewalk, in curblane & across the street. Occasional traffic & pedestrian control.

A lot less detail in this one, but it seems all the facts are still the same. It'll be interesting to note whether "occasional" pedestrian control means security guards keeping pedestrians out of the party.

Here's the invite that got sent out, just so you know I'm not making the party part up. I really don't think "occasional pedestrian control" legally allows you to enforce an RSVP's only list.

RSVLT Invite


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