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Dot Dot Dash: The Kingdom known as Downtown

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Sunday, October 14, 2007, at 09:40PM

DDD returns with a quick look at titles for Downtown's rulers sitting in the towers, while there is anarchy in the village below.

The Three Wise Men: They are known to sit in council at the Main St coffee house and cafe, so DotDotDash shall now consider advocate Brady Westwater, artistRichard McDowell, and Town Crier Don Garza as members of Banquette's Royal Order of the Cafe Round Tables. The three will counsel those who wish to listen to sage advice. It's Good to be King: Today, Westwater was dubbed the "King of Downtown" by LA Times' Steve Lopez in his current column He's King; the L.A. loft scene is his throne. ..— Back in September, the L.A. Weekly elected McDowell as the "Mayor of Main St," although McDowell prefers the title "Prime Minister."..— DDD has dubbed Garza the "Mayor of Skid Row." Rule wisely, gentlemen.


Dogs so "In": Urban Bruin lead dognarchy in downtown's streets with a march of a dozen leashed canine, partly to bring attention for the need for public space for pet owners ..— While at Pershing Square, the UB was deciding which direction the pack of dog owners, and someone brought up taking over the pocket parks. Said one dog owner, who beemed at the idea of canine disobedience: "It's just like the 60s!"..— Cats so "Out": Despite a preservation movement, Felix the Neon Cat is not protected by city council in a non-vote that leaves the sign dangling at the hands of it's owner. Mutterings about the headstrong preservation group lead by Jim Childs continue..— It's safe to say that it was a fight worth a try since the draw for Downtown's new residents isn't just the conceptual plans of a city of tomorrow. The pockets of history are what give this part of L.A. a sense of place.


Concert Memories, sort of: When the south lawn of City Hall was the V.I.P section for the Detour Festival, Banquette owner Monica May was reminiscing about the late 70s, early 80s L.A. Street Festival that brought punk bands Downtown. May recalls about how it ended at a Little Tokyo parking lot where The Germs had a stage waiting. They didn't show up. A riot ensued, and the event was never seen again..— Another recent recall said it was LAPD canning The Ramones that caused the riot. Same concert angst, different bands credited..— It demonstrates that if you remember an earlier Downtown Los Angeles in complete vivid detail––you didn't really live it.


Walk and Talk The BOXeight Fashion Show was a success, and DDD agrees with co-founder Peter Gurnz that Vibiana Place was, as he stated Saturday night, "perfectly coiffed." Gurnz adds it beyond expectations, and DDD can go with the declaration that it lifted the bar for fashion Downtown. Another Claim: Charismatic Gurnz goes on to say that BOXeight is the turning point for the arts downtown. That may be P.R. juice we won't sip..— DDD will salute how BOXeight created a fashion show that reflects a current Downtown, rather than sweep in to "save" it. That was very wise.


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