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Something Opens Downtown... Cue the Kotkin Naysaying

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, October 19, 2007, at 12:52AM

Reading the subtitle of the Times story on the Nokia Theatre's opening I just knew we were going to see a Joel Kotkin quote.

Officials hope Nokia helps spur more growth and leisure activity downtown. But some experts have doubts.

Any time a paper needs an "expert" to have doubts about Downtown LA, Kotkin's always there to help out. This story's no exception.

"If you put the Eagles in my backyard, people would come," said a skeptical Joel Kotkin, a presidential fellow at Chapman University who has written extensively about Los Angeles' urban life. "The Forum was in Inglewood. Did that make Inglewood the center of the music scene?"

This is the same Joel Kotkin who has called urban living a fad, opined that Marina Del Rey was an infinitely better choice than Downtown, and called LA Live better suited for Cincinnati. We get the point already: he doesn't like Downtown. That reporters keep going back to that well doesn't speak too kindly to their work ethic.


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