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Green Dot to Open a School for Downtown?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, October 19, 2007, at 03:27PM

Earlier this week the Times ran an interview with AEG head Tim Leiweke talking about the company and its big bet on Downtown. It was a good read, but one bit in particular stuck out to me. When asked about LAUSD, Leiweke replied:

I think people can go spend all the money they want on L.A. Unified, but I'm frustrated with L.A. Unified because I can't figure out how anyone's ever going to fix it. So we love Green Dot. We've already made a million-dollar commitment to Green Dot for the charter school that they're going to put on our end of town. I hope L.A. Unified gets worked out, but I worry about L.A. Unified.

One has to assume that "on our end of town" means that AEG is working with Green Dot to place a school in South Park. I emailed Green Dot's PR contact to try and get a statement from them, but did not get a response.

If correct, this would be a great bit of news for Downtown. Education and schools are going to be big issues for Downtown in the next ten years. Green Dot's doing important things for education in LA, and it would be a big plus to have them charter a school to serve South Park. Though the group operates a school Downtown -- Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School, which meets in the World Trade Center -- it does not currently serve Downtown students.

Just a note in the interest of disclosure: My wife Kathy teaches at ODLH. I've previously mentioned their first graduation.


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