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Nokia Shows Off Its Versatility on Day Two

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, October 20, 2007, at 05:06PM
Video Games Live at the Nokia Theatre Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Left, Video Games Live brings the music of Tetris to the Nokia stage. At right, lights get a pre-show run through. Photos by Eric Richardson and Ed Fuentes.

It didn't take the Nokia Theatre long to get its game on. After only one night the venue pushed the Eagles aside to host Video Games Live, the touring live performance of game music scheduled as part of the E for All expo taking place in the Convention Center next door. The inevitable hiccups that come with opening a new venue were all worked out by show time, and the fact that such a schedule was even attempted shows AEG's faith in their new venue.

A typical stop on the Video Games Live tour is a multiple day affair. They'll schedule several nights in a city, arriving a day early to load into the venue and get the equipment all set up. This stop in Downtown was an unusual one night stand, and involved loading into the theatre the day of the performance. The tight schedule coupled with a venue still unwrapping its new gear may have led to a more hectic than normal day for the production crew, but opinions of the new space were decidedly positive.

To make room for this show in the midst of the Eagles homestand, AEG simply moved the set up gear to the back of the 80-foot deep Nokia stage. With so much space to work with, the remaining stage was more than enough for the Video Games Live orchestra setup.

When asked about the tight turnaround from Thursday night's Eagles opener, AEG VP of Communication Michael Roth said that for his company the schedule was simply business as usual. He pointed out that next door Staples held a Thursday night Clippers pre-season game and turned right around for a Friday night show with Jennifer Lopez. That show coincided with the Video Games Live event at Nokia. When you book as many nights as Staples does -- the arena is the nation's busiest -- that's simply how the game has to be played. That AEG had enough faith in its abilities to schedule Nokia similarly straight off the bat says a lot for the company's confidence. To then turn around and pull it all off says a lot more for their execution.

Nokia TheatreIMGP2019.jpg

At left, the theatre exterior, with video screens quiet while everyone's inside. At right, Video Games Live co-creator Jack Wall before the show. Photos by Ed Fuentes.

Video Games Live at the Nokia TheatreVideo Games Live at the Nokia Theatre

At left, part of a montage of classic video game sounds. Right, the pre-show view from one of the Nokia's luxury boxes. Photos by Eric Richardson.


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