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Bad Maps: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Edition

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, November 05, 2007, at 07:51PM
Bad Maps: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Edition Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I got a flier in the mail today for the new Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf opening on the outside of Ralphs, at 9th & Hope (as opposed to the one inside the store). They're offering a free regular size drink as enticement to get people to stop by.

Too bad their map puts the store on the wrong side of the street.

You figure that if folks get to the corner they'll probably find the cafe, but how poor is it to advertise your store that sits in a development and include a map that prominently features an alley that ceased to exist with the building of said development?

Maybe the building's just cursed. Fresh Fare couldn't get their map right either.


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