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Lights! Camera! Sound! Bullhorns!: WGA Strike hits Historic Core

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, November 07, 2007, at 02:20PM
Protest Ed Fuentes

When you heard the WGA planned to have picket lines at film locations, did you wonder whether it would mean GilVille would see some civil unrest?

This morning, 18 writers were on 4th Street, between Spring and Main, disrupting filming for Warner Bros project "Big Shot." The whistles, shouting, and bullhorns were not constant, but timed when strikers heard "rolling", adding to the noise of cars passing by honking horns in support.

It frustrated a below-the-line sound crew member who was trying to lay down a soundtrack, and he shouted at the strikers to be quiet (not in those words). A Teamster, still working the shoot reluctantly, told the sound person to be quiet (not in those words).

One writer, who would only say he is on a top ten comedy show (that's it, tell me the resume but not the name) said they were able to stop filming early this morning for 2 hours. That didn't go over well for a local resident who stuck his head out the window and gave strikers his opinion of the WGA picket line tactics (again, not in those words).

Sad irony is, I heard a film crew member tell another crew member "That picket line is really disrupting the neighborhood."

Update (6pm): Sean Bonner writes about this same scene over at Also, blogdowntown photo pool member archie4oz took some shots, two of which I'm including after the jump.

Protesting Writers...


Overhead photos by archie4oz. Top two photos by Ed Fuentes.


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