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The Problem with Marches

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, November 07, 2007, at 05:31PM

Traffic Backup Say you're one of the thousands of drivers in stopped Downtown traffic right now whose evening commute is going to be a half hour or so longer than usual. Say you flip on the radio or finally get home and turn on the TV to find out that your extra drive time was the result of undocumented students marching to get the right to receive financial aid. Are you now going to be a) more sympathetic or b) less sympathetic to their cause?

It's long been my contention that the marches we so often see through Downtown typically do far more harm than good for whatever cause they intend to support. You don't make a lot of friends by messing up people's days.

As for me, I had biked down to USC this afternoon so my trip back into Downtown was great. I really enjoy ducking between lanes of frustrated drivers. Were it up to me the cars would always be stopped, but I recognize that's not good civic policy.


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