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A Little Reminder: City Hall Observation Deck

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, November 15, 2007, at 01:42PM
Historic Core and Southwest Eric Richardson [Flickr]

There are some topics that I think deserve a post every six to nine months, just as a refresher. It's been ten months since I last instructed everyone to go check out the Observation Deck at City Hall, so it's due for a mention. As I wrote last September, this is a spot that I think too few Downtowners know about or take advantage of.

Tuesday I saw clear blue skies outside and headed for the Deck to take some photos. There was one other lady up there at the time, a juror who happened to come take a look while wandering during her lunch break. It was her first time up, and she agreed with my comment that it might just be the best view in the City.

You can see my full set of shots, or a few more favorites (and details on how to visit) after the jump.

Fundamentals for those of you interested in taking a look for yourself... The Deck is open during normal City Hall hours (9am - 5pm or so). Just tell the security desk that's where you want to go and they'll write your visitor badge for floor 27. Take the elevator to 22 where you switch to a different set. Take that one to 26, then walk up the fancy marble stairs to the Tom Bradley Room.

LAPD Construction Crane and the Eastern Columbia

LAPD HQ Crane in front of AT&T Center and Eastern Columbia

Burn Area at Griffith Park

Griffith Park Burn Area

LAPD Headquarters Construction

LAPD HQ Construction


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