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Trees with a History?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, November 21, 2007, at 05:22PM
City Hall Palm Trees Eric Richardson

In June of 1934 a group of palm trees were brought from MacArthur Park (then Westlake Park) and planted next to City Hall's Spring street steps. The Times wrote:

Eight large cocos plumosas palm trees, planted in Westlake Park nearly twenty years ago, yesterday were removed on trucks to the Spring-street entrance of the City Hall, where they are being replanted, four on each side of the entrance, to carry out the tropical idea in landscaping City Hall lawns adopted by the Park Commission last summer. The trees were in the route for the fill being made to extend Wilshire Boulevard through the park. The replanting is being done under the direction of Landscape Engineer Roewekamp.

A group of very old palms stands in much the same spot today, a cluster of trees on either side of the steps. Could these be the same palms moved Downtown in 1934? If indeed they are the same, the trees would need to be approaching 100 years old, and a few of these do indeed look quite aged.

A few more photos after the jump.

Palms in 1934

City Hall Palms -- 1934

Palms Today

City Hall Palm Trees

City Hall Palm Trees

City Hall Palm Trees


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