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ImaginAsian Center Gets Set for Its Big Day

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, November 28, 2007, at 05:35PM
Inspection Season Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Passing by the glass-clad exterior of the ImaginAsian Center today one could look in and see fire alarms flashing as construction crews worked with city inspectors to get the venue's occupancy permits in order. Saturday the theater premieres with a red carpet gala hosted by Carrie Ann Inaba and Michelle Krusiec before opening to the public on December 7th.

While finishing touches are still being applied, it is remarkable to see the theater's transformation in the three and a half months since we took a peek inside, but the change is even more impressive if you remember back to what it looked like in February. This weekend Main will really get a boost as the construction wall is pulled away and the Hodgetts+Fung design gets to connect to the street for the first time.

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