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Upcoming Events: Come Ice Skate and Take Photos

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, December 01, 2007, at 01:36PM

We kicked things off this summer with a picnic and an ice cream anti-social, now it's time to do the event thing again with two chances for you to come hang out with cool people Downtown.

bloggers on ice

On Monday, December 17th, we're holding the 1st Annual Bloggers on Ice. The ice rink at Pershing Square opened a few weeks back and we'll be meeting up to hang out and laugh at (and with) those of us who put on some skates. We'll be there around 6:30 to drink hot chocolate, and targeting the 7:30 - 8:30 shift for getting on the ice. Full ice rink info is on the Pershing Square site, and you'll hear more here in the next two weeks. (Note the date change from the 12th to the 17th.)

A few days before, on Saturday, December 15th, we'll be hosting the first blogdowntown Photographers Meetup. The concept is simple: let's get a group of photographers together and take a hike, talking about our favorite ways to see Downtown through the lens of a camera. We'll be meeting for a pre-photo breakfast (location to be announced) at 9am and then starting our photo hike at 10. Again, expect more details shortly.

Bloggers on Ice Logo by Ed Fuentes.


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