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ShootDowntown Meetup: This Saturday

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, December 09, 2007, at 02:36PM

If you like taking pictures of Downtown, you should plan to come out this Saturday for our first ShootDowntown Meetup. We'll be getting together to eat breakfast, talk photos and then wander around Downtown to snap and learn alike. It doesn't matter what kind of camera you like to shoot, come on out and meet some other people who like to view Downtown through the lens.

blogdowntown Staff Photographer Dave Bullock will be on hand, no doubt extolling the virtues of HDR. I make even break out the thoroughly impractical TDC Stereo Vivid and see what happens.

Again, the details: this Saturday, December 15th, we'll be meeting for breakfast at 9am at Arda's Cafe (418 W. 6th street, on the south end of Pershing Square). We'll hang there and enjoy some food for an hour before heading off at 10am sharp to go take some pictures. We'll be encouraging everyone to submit their favorite shots from the day to the blogdowntown photo pool and then putting together a gallery of favorites to post up here.

Previously: Announcement for Saturday's event and the bloggers on ice meetup on the 17th.


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