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Lighting Doesn't Improve the Look of 7-Eleven Neon

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, December 14, 2007, at 02:19PM
7-Eleven Neon Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The Mandel's 7-Eleven got its neon at least partially lit recently, and the neon glow doesn't change the initial dislike I had in September. The corner signage is pleasant, but the blade sign on 7th looks horrible from any sort of distance. The green on the "Eleven" lettering -- several shades lighter than the same green on the corner sign -- melds into a washed out blob of color until one gets within several dozen feet of it.

Inside the fixtures keep looking more complete and opening could occur within the next few weeks. Will I still visit once the store comes online? Of course. Will I still wish the building had made better aesthetic decisions? Absolutely.


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