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Odd Notes from a Trip to Ralphs

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, December 16, 2007, at 10:37PM
Ralphs Mailer Map Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Given how great the new Downtown Ralphs is, it feels a bit wrong to give it negative comments. A trip tonight left a bit of of a confused impression, and the sum of the parts seems to make it worth writing up here.

One Less Exit: Entering the garage through Hope street I rounded the corner to notice the exit blocked off and a hand written sign instructing patrons to exit via Flower. The arm that raises to let cars out was stuck in a funny position, so it would seem to be the culprit here.

Pool Trouble?: Inside the store tape blocked off the U-Scan machines and the normal route to the carts. Ceiling tiles were removed, and a large bin was underneath to catch drips. Walking by I heard one security guard saying something to another about the pool and hot tub upstairs, though it seems unlikely that the two were truly leaking down to Ralphs.

Carting a Drag: While waiting for the elevator after checkout, my cart suddenly lost the use of one of its wheels, the second time I've had the security device mysteriously activate inside the store. There was no one handy and my cart wasn't too full, so I ended up just dragging it to the car.

On the Plus Side: While waiting at the never-too-speedy (at least in the evenings) deli, I found that Ralphs has free wifi. A sign on the store door advertises WIFI at the Coffee Bean outside, but the WanderingWifi SSID revealed Ralphs branded free Internet. I caught up on my feeds while waiting for turkey to be sliced.


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