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9th & Flower Turning Into a 24-Hour Spot

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, December 17, 2007, at 04:47PM
24 Hour Subway Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The corner of 8th & Flower has quietly turned into an odd 24-hour hub, as Subway joins the IHOP across the street in staying open all night. Just a block away are the similarly 24-hour Original Pantry and Denny's.

Of the plethora of Subway locations Downtown, it's interesting that this would be the one to make the 24-hour plunge. The franchisee, CG Investments, has at least seven locations Downtown. This spot doesn't strike me as a particularly pedestrian heavy location, though certainly it's well-positioned with ongoing development between the Financial District and LA Live.

In any case, it's always good to see something open late. If IHOP and Subway have to lead Downtown L.A.'s charge to become a 24-hour location, so be it.


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