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A Wet Night for Bloggers on Ice

By Ed Fuentes and Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, December 18, 2007, at 12:54PM
Ice Rink Ed Fuentes

“Hey, this isn’t ‘blogger on ice!'” chided Shannon, first of only a few of the assembled bloggers and friends to wander out onto the Pershing Square ice. The event could perhaps have been named “Bloggers on Chairs Next to the Ice” as 22 of us (and a number of pets) spent some time outdoors exchanging Christmas greetings, sharing trade secrets, and coming up with a number of reasons not to strap on skates. Eric did put on skates to join Sha and commenter Natural Lawyer, who, by the way, played hockey in college and is modest about his advanced skating skills, but proud that he once led his team in penalty minutes.

Later in the evening a steady rain added to a moment that brought two conflicting interpretations. Is ice skating in the rain the perfect anti-L.A. moment, combining two things considered foreign to us? Or is it instead the only-in-L.A. moment, as typically ice skating requires temperatures that lead instead to snow?

Among those in attendance was Ed Padgett, who writes over at his site that the night opened his eyes to a Pershing Square that didn't fit his memories. The yearly ice rink brings a great tease of the night-time activity the park could host if given a redesign that promotes use instead of concept.

And to add, if Pershing Square is ever under real consideration to be reconfigured, making the very popular ice rink larger should be at the top of the list.


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