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Happy Holidays (from some of us)

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Monday, December 24, 2007, at 01:30AM
Orpheum.JPG Ed Fuentes

With so many in L.A. for the holidays, some out-of-towners may be curious about this “Downtown Renaissance” they have been reading about. If they did a self guided driving tour down Broadway, they would have seen the Orpheum Theatre's marquee fully lit with a simple holiday greeting.

Many of the other theaters on Broadway kept a lower profile last night; the Los Angeles Theater was lit, but had a blank marquee, and the Palace Theater was simply dark.

The Christmas break would be a great time to have Broadway's lights be part of the season.

Then again, when you recall the Cameo Theater marquee read “H ppy Holid ys” for almost a decade all year-round, maybe a blank, clean, marquee is a good start for Broadway's close up.

Nonetheless, on behalf of Eric, Dave and myself, H ve a M rry Chr stm s.


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