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AskDowntown: What Gym's Best for Working Off the Holiday Goodness?

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, December 26, 2007, at 08:46PM

The 2007 Holiday season is now in its final run toward New Year’s Eve. Around Downtown, folks were seen lined up to pick up masa and tamales in East L.A., fresh poultry in Chinatown and turkey dinners (with apple pie) at The Pantry. Ralph’s Fresh Fare was packed Christmas Day with people buying “last minute hams,” according to a checker. The Original Texas Barbeque King was busy filling orders in four smokers that had the smell of ribs wafting over Cesar Chavez Ave, while Olvera St was filled with tourists asking for a “tay-co.”

At Pete’s Café, Tom Gilmore hosted family and friends Christmas Eve, while Don Garza covered his community’s gatherings. Down the 10 freeway, I was with cousins explaining what a blog is, while having shredded BBQ beef that was roasted slowly overnight. Eric is back east shivering in the snow while visiting family and getting his fill.

The inevitable result of all this holiday goodness? A single exclamation.

"I need to start going to the gym."

Given the timing there's no better question to kick off our weekly series, AskDowntown. Send in your Downtown-related questions to and each Friday we'll pick one and pose it to you, the readers.

In this case, what gym do you use, and what makes it the best choice Downtown?

In this case it's a question I've got a vested interest in. I'm planning to start going somewhere, and in the last few months I've been to Ballys, Golds, the YMCA, and 24 Hour Fitness to start researching. I haven't made a choice yet, so help a blogger out and tell me which of the Downtown gyms are the best bang for my hard-earned buck.


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