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2007 in Review: January - March

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, December 27, 2007, at 10:46AM
4th Street Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Last year I started to do a year in review and made it through January and February before getting distracted by other things. This year I'll go a quarter per post and promise to make it through.

In the first quarter of 2007 we saw some new openings, but just as many things that appeared to be almost ready but still haven't come to fruition. A helicopter set off a filming debate, and a fire on Broadway showed the power of the Downtown community to cover itself.

blogdowntown, still a one man show at this point, had 122 posts and 742 comments in the quarter. Top commenter: kenarch, with 65 comments. Second place: David Kennedy, with 52. Third: Benjamin Pezzillo, with 43.

After the jump, some stories that stick out to me looking back at the end of the year...

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How Long? At Least a Year — On January 9th I asked how long it would be until Macy's made a move to figure out their Downtown plans. One year later and both stores are still second-rate (or lower) members of the Macy's franchise. There's been zero move to upgrade either store, or to reconcile the fact that the chain has two basically identical stores within one block of each other.

Fixing a Landmark — Public outreach for the 6th Street Viaduct project started in January. I posted notice of the meeting on the 18th, and then a week later wrote that the bridge has cancer. Eleven months later the process has scarcely moved along, though it got much more attention a few months later with the bridge collapse in Minneapolis.

Food Spot — January was the month 9th and Main came into its own as a food spot with the opening of L'Angolo, joining Wood Spoon, Angelique and Tiara Cafe.


Responding to Backlash — Late January saw Safer Cities backlash start to hit the media, and on February 1st I responded questioning the media's numbers and saying that we as Downtown needed the program to continue.

Many Angles of Fire — February 5th saw a major fire at 4th and Broadway. In the aftermath we saw some revealed history and a community that covered itself better than the traditional media could. Jump to today and the two burned buildings are still standing, with the owner still looking for demolition permits. Rumor has it that a denied attempt to get demolition permits right before the fires has the City displeased with the buildings' owner.

More Convenience — It was in February that Famima's 6th street store opened. The chain has since opened a third location in California Plaza, and just got some convenience competition as the 7th street 7-Eleven finally opened its doors in late December.

Waiting on Main — The garage retail spaces at 6th/Main started to look ready in February, but ten months later they're still completely vacant. Main street looked poised to break out in 2007, but is still tenuous entering 2008.


Slow Pace of Progress — February and March saw the Brockman shed its protective covering. As we wait for the calendar to flip the building is still under heavy development.

War on Gangs — March saw LAPD announce thirty-one arrests in their fight against the 5th/Hill gang. While the arrests were said to have taken out much of the gang's structure, tags have begun to reappear.

Choppered into Action — A helicopter shooting a Verizon commercial incited Downtown action on filming regulation. While the ensuing special conditions process has stagnated, the City recently issued a draft RFP that seems like it would go a long way toward solving filming issues.


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