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2007 in Review: April - June

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, December 28, 2007, at 02:54PM
Picnic with a View Eric Richardson [Flickr]

It's been snowing all day, so reflecting back on the warmth of an L.A. summer is particularly nice right now. This post is part two of our look back at 2007.

Quarter two saw our most commented post be a story about a post office. Downtown got named "3rd bloggiest neighborhood," we talked about Dodger Stadium, the Ritz broke ground and one building got a spring cleaning.

The quarter saw 155 posts and 944 comments. Top commenters were a shuffle of those from Q1. David Kennedy had 61, Benjamin Pezzillo ended up with 50 and Kenarch dropped to a measly 42.

Most Commented Posts

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The Sad State of Retail at 7th/Spring (30 Comments)

Tie: Some Friday Stadium Play Time (29 Comments)

Tie: Imagining a Downtown Stadium (29 Comments)


A Venue Arrives — April was the first time I really noticed that the Orpheum had arrived as a music venue, walking by hours before a Mars Volta show and seeing kids line the sidewalk. The historic theater continued to be an event force throughout 2007.

3bn Gets Named — Also in April local content site named Downtown the nation's third bloggiest neighborhood. It wasn't too long before Ed Fuentes turned this designation into the name "3bn".

Canadian Notice — The Toronto Star ran a very positive travel take on Downtown, and included a mention of blogdowntown.

Stadium Talk — In conjunction with Steve Hymon of the Times we discussed Dodger Stadium and asked where you might put a Downtown stadium.


Bunkered Down — The State Building got my nod for the most heavily fortressed building during the May 1st immigration march, which turned out to be much smaller than expected.

Closed Sidewalks — Mid-month I bemoaned the way that sidewalks get closed for long stretches during construction.

Finally Open — Our six-month long Toilet Watch came to an end on May 17th, when the Pershing Square APT was finally activated. As we click toward 2008 the APT at 4th/Hill is still dark after being in the ground a similar length of time.

More Conversation — On May 26th I announced a big change for blogdowntown, bringing Dave and Ed on-board and kicking things off with the blogdowntown picnic. To date Ed leads Dave in posts by roughly a 10-to-1 margin.


Hotel Rising — The month started with groundbreaking for the Ritz at L.A. Live. That complex has blossomed over the course of the year. While the hotel has yet to really head skyward, it's been making steady progress.

Spring Cleaning — The 810 S. Spring building provided a great example of how dirty old buildings get as cleaning took the exterior brick many shades brighter. The building's renovation continues.

Bad Directions — The Downtown wayfinding project, put up in 2005, offered a great example of how signage needs care to stay up to date. Without ongoing maintenance money, the project continues to fall farther out of date, particularly the included DASH routes.

Bicycle Attention — In June the Historic Core offered very few places to lock up a bicycle. In September the situation got much better, and in November even the Caltrans building got into the bike rack spirit.


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