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New Years Ralphs Notes

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, January 02, 2008, at 07:33PM
Ralphs Mailer Map Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Since the store was the top story of 2007, two quick Ralphs notes to kick off the new year.

New Validation — Instead of the validation cards the store had been using, there's now a tiny validation machine on the customer service desk that you need to stick your ticket in to get your free parking. It's to the right of the dry cleaning desk.

Dated Milk — This is hopefully only relevant tonight, but Kathy and I found basically the entire display of Mountain Dairy 1% milk to be three days or so beyond its sell-by date. Penelope noted experience with expired foods in the comments on our last Ralphs post.

Update (Thursday, 11pm): A day later and there's still bad milk out there. An update and a photo below.

Expired Milk at Ralphs I needed to stop by Ralphs this evening, so obviously I went back to the milks to take a look. Spot check results? Out of a sample size of eight or so, two sell-by dates of Dec 31 and two of Jan 2. The rest were comfortably current. The pictured jug is actually 2%, just to show that it wasn't a solely 1% trend.

I have this funny vision of extra people stopping in just to check milk expiration dates as a result of this post, but that may just be something only I would do.


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