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For the Bored and/or Obsessed: Twittering Industrial Land Use

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, January 03, 2008, at 01:07PM

As mentioned the other day, this afternoon at 3pm Planning and CRA are holding the first preview meeting for their "new" Downtown Industrial Land Use policy. As relevant bits come up during the meeting, I'm planning to give a go to pushing them out via Twitter. To follow along, just check out blogdowntown's page at Twitter.

Afterward I'm sure I'll be writing up a normal report as well, but I've long been kicking around the idea of using twitter for short, immediate updates as Downtown events are taking place.

Update (2pm): Also, to add a note of content, you don't really even need to attend the meeting to get the gist of what DLANC thinks about the issue. This item was added late to the agenda for tonight's Economic Development committee:

Discussion and possible action regarding proposed Downtown Industrial Policy. Possible motions regarding both the content of the proposal and the legality of the procedure developing the proposed policy

I doubt one asks questions about the legality of something one is in favor of.

Update (11pm): Full write-up coming tomorrow, but I just wanted to mention that I enjoyed the twittering / live-blogging process and posted 15 updates over the course of the two hour meeting. [blogdowntown twitter]


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