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Empty over the Holidays, L'Angolo Cafe Hopes to See Bigger Crowds in 2008

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, January 07, 2008, at 01:41PM
L'Angolo Cafe Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Stopping by for lunch on Friday I asked Hannah Kim how dinner was doing at L'Angolo Cafe, the restaurant she runs with her father at 9th and Main. She said that the fall had seen a steady trickle of business, but that it had all but disappeared during December. Since opening a year ago, the eatery has dropped breakfast but added evening and Saturday hours.

The situation illustrates how tough it can be for Downtown restaurants to pick up dinner business in out of the way locales, but also brought up a question I've been meaning to ask: do Downtown's demographics make it more likely to empty out during the holidays? Are the young professionals moving into lofts more likely to head out of town en masse to visit family over Christmas than are the more varied demographics of another neighborhood?

In any case, it's worth giving a plug to go check out L'Angolo for dinner. The menu's got a great assortment of seafood and pasta that gets cooked over a full flame. The spot is just at the southern tip of the Historic Core, and is right where the DASH makes its turnaround during Art Walk service.

L'Angolo Cafe is at 101 W. 9th street. Dinner hours are 5 - 9pm Monday through Saturday. Also open for lunch 11am - 3pm.


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