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Ask Downtown: How Do You Deal with Dirty Windows?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, January 18, 2008, at 05:12PM

Ask Downtown AskDowntown is a weekly Friday feature where we pass your questions on to the Downtown crowd. Got a question? Send it to

Jon writes in with a question on window cleaning:

I live in a loft at 6th and Spring. I was curious if there was some kind of stature or law that building owners must have the windows cleaned in residential living buildings? I heard something that sounded like there was. I have been here since Oct and they have never been cleaned and due to the industrial size of the windows it would be difficult and frankly dangerous to try and clean them from the inside...

I don't know of any sort of law (and have lived here three years and only seen the windows on my building cleaned once), but I know some of you out there must have come across some cool solutions for taking the problem into your own hands. So I ask you, what's the best way to clean Downtown's unwieldy windows?


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