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Time Makes "World's Most Expensive Sidewalk" a Steal

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, January 23, 2008, at 02:01PM
Pershing Square Tunnel Eric Richardson [Flickr]

While you've probably driven over it hundreds of times, unless you park in the bowels of Pershing Square you likely didn't realize that there's a tunnel connecting the park garage to the one underneath the City National Bank building at 606 South Olive street. Tucked in the corner of Pershing Square's lowest level, the walkway opened on November 21st, 1968. The 50-foot tunnel was christened by the Times as the "world's most expensive sidewalk." The massive price tag? $150,000.

Given that the City recently had to spend $1.7 million rebuilding sidewalks on one corner of 3rd and Broadway, that $150,000 barely looks like a drop in the bucket.

I have to give an assist on this story to Shannon, who heard my mention of the tunnel back during Bloggers on Ice and went with me to investigate.

Pershing Square Tunnel

The entrance to the 50-foot-long Pershing Square tunnel is on the garage's lowest level, on the south west corner. It's open during the hours the garage across the street is open.


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