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DotDotDash: Break in the Weather Edition

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Saturday, January 26, 2008, at 12:02PM
la river Ed Fuentes

DDDRIVER WATCH: With another blast of cold rain expected over the weekend, we take the lull in the weather to look at the Los Angeles River’s powerful swell; one foot of rushing water that can knock you down and sweep you toward the Pacific if you are not careful. Not unlike DotDotDash, it’s dangerous, it’s swift, it's seen on occasion, and it’s down below. Enjoy the photo, then read on after the jump.

The MayorOPENING REMARKS: At City Hall Friday, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa welcomed 2008 African American Heritage Month by honoring Bishop Charles E. Blake, artist Artis Lane, and actor Forest Whitaker in chambers. . — Later a packed tent heard from education activist, Dr. Genevieve Shepherd who had the crowd in her hands, her words matching her red hat's style and form. Also seen in the crowd was former E.R. actor Eriq La Salle.

. . —

HEARD AT MAIN ST CHECKPOINT: On the same Friday, a woman confirmed she was carrying scissors in her purse when they was spotted on the X-ray by City Hall's security. . — “Ma’am, you only have two scenarios here,” security gruffly said. “One, you do what you need to do outside. Two, I take the scissors and you don’t get them back.” She replied, “I’m a set dresser for the film crew that’s inside.” Security says, “Go ahead.” . . — Evidently, there are three scenarios.

. . —

FROM THREAT TO FRET: The Arts District is being transformed into . . .uh. . .an Arts District. Locals hoping not to priced out are mere fretters, according to DTNews in recent issues. . — In one OpEd this week, art locals are recommended to don “drooping baggy pants and expose at least the elastic of their American Apparel undershorts.”. . — To recount a recent phrase written when L.A. Live's plaza was declared a bust by a bigger fish wrap; “it’s a bit absurd”. . — Everyone knows you can’t fret with proper angst in an Organic Fine Jersey Long Sleeve Crew-Neck T-Shirt or Cotton Spandex Jersey Contrast-V Bodysuit.

. . —

LAST FISH RAP-WRAP: The Cecil Hotel's transition to affordable tourist digs was covered in Column One . . — That’s old news to you blogdowntowners. Still, a nugget of news was hotel may be renamed as “the Pearl.” . . — Speaking of Touchy: Is it just DDD and me, or has LACAN become the go-to-voice for development dissention for all fish wrap, large and small? Urban scholar Joel Kotkin may have a challenger in the new-downtown-will-never-happen sweepstakes.

. . —

Small PlaceOne of Two Small buildings next to City Hall East, across from Parker Center, is the home of Josie's Cafe Express & Deli. The breakfast + lunch deli is owned by former law enforcement dispatcher, Javier Santos. “I’m a one-man band with two back-up singers.” says Javier in his small corner of Downtown. . — Civic Center lunch-goers order via his website, then do a pickup. . — A lunch dispatch, if you will.

. . —

CITY OF VEGANS. . . may be translated from El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles de Vegetarino. . — ¡Ay Caramba! at Traction and Hewitt, offers Mex-Veg dishes like the Quesadilla Estilo Distrito de Federal Vegetarino (crema & pico de gallo stuffed with mushrooms and sauteed onions) or the Queso Enchiladas Classicas. . —Take a longer lunch to get through the long names.

. . —

HERR AIR: Edgar Varela Fine Arts and California Market Center (CMC), with support from The Austrian Consulate, offers the Austrian Art & Fashion Exhibition ‘ZEICHEN und WUNDER’ featuring up and coming artists from, take a guess, Austria. . — Opening reception is 6pm , January 31, at the CMC Penthouse (110 E. 9th St). . — More Style on 9th: The 16th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design is at The FIDM Museum & Galleries (9th and Grand) January 28 through April 12. . —The exhibit is free, and gallery hours are from 10 am to 5pm Mondays through Fridays.

. . —

ARTS DISTRICT URTH CAFFE DEADLINE HAS DOUBLE CAP SHOT: Source says there is a commitment to open in five months, not six.

Stay dry, all.


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