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Times Reports $40 Million Investment for Broadway

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, January 27, 2008, at 10:37PM
735 S. Broadway Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Update (Monday, 6:45pm): Our recap from this morning's plan unveiling is now online.

Update (Monday, 9:35am): The Bringing Back Broadway website includes most of the information to be unveiled at today's press conference. Be sure to hit the twelve page vision document PDF.

Scooping Monday's "Bringing Back Broadway" presentation at the Los Angeles Theater (which we'll be at), the Times writes that $40 million has been put together for a phase I effort to bring some renewed life to Broadway buildings. $16.5 million is said to come from the city, with private developers kicking in the rest.

Light on development details, much of the story focuses on the businesses currently on the street. No surprise, some people aren't happy to see things change.

Some question whether Broadway needs a face-lift. UCLA law professor Gary Blasi noted that the Latino-oriented businesses have stood the test of time.

"Unless you have a different vision, aesthetically and ethnically, then why?" Blasi said.

While this is certainly a prime subject for discussion -- and we had a 47-comment thread on it back in August -- I continue to maintain that to say today's Broadway is a failure is not to say anything about the retail. Certainly you could say that, but to me Broadway is a failure because atop these first floor shops are great old buildings that have been left to rot and crumble in on themselves. That's not the tenants fault, but a change in tenants is likely to be part of the solution.


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