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LAPD Glares at Higgins

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, February 12, 2008, at 11:09AM
Glare from LAPD Ed Fuentes

There have been no end to the eyes watching as the new LAPD headquarters has quickly risen south of City Hall, but residents of the Higgins building might be preparing to see the structure in a whole new light. As glass has been added to the building's south face one can observe the reflection of the late afternoon sun climbing the northern side of the Higgins. At the LAPD building's currently state of completion the lit area reaches 4 - 5 stories, catching De Soto Gallery, Pitfire Pizza and the loft windows above.

The light being bounced off the LAPD glass is not as strong as that which first bounced off the stainless steel curves of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2005. Still, on a day like today, you wonder if those first few floors might be receiving a little extra heat from across the street.

Light from LAPD as seen from inside De Soto Gallery on 2nd:

From inside


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