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7th Street Construction Work Reveals Historic Details

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, February 12, 2008, at 05:29PM
Broadway Exchange Building Lofts, Previously The Haas Building Rich Alossi [Flickr]

Very cool news over at Angelenic, where they're talking about the uncovering of historic facade work on the Broadway Exchange building at 7th and Broadway. The head-scratching facade makeovers given to Broadway buildings were given conversation here way back in 2005, but it was thought that all traces of the Exchange building's facade had been lost. Turns out that the building's original entrance on 7th was left largely intact and just covered over.

It's very encouraging to see that not only is there something old left under all that metal, but it actually looks cool. Now if we could just get the same treatment for Clifton's next door.


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