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Since You Keep Asking; Shots of the Chapman's Roof

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2008, at 01:33PM
Chapman Rooftop Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Not too long ago I posted a shot of the Chapman lobby, remarking on its marbleyness. Tyler chimed in that he had some rooftop shots and from there the chase was on, with commenters keeping after him to get them up online so they could see the amenities getting put in.

Not only did Tyler send in the shots, but it turns out he took them on a day when L.A. had some great clouds, giving a highly dramatic look to the scene. Planned greenery hasn't made its appearance yet, but the photos show some great views and what should turn into a nice spot for residents to relax.

More shots after the jump.

Chapman Rooftop

A fountain will provide a nice dose of white noise above Broadway and will no doubt have some seating and greenery around.

Chapman Rooftop

This hot tub isn't going to win any size awards.

Chapman Rooftop

Public rooftop areas are done in a raised tile, keeping residents out of contact with the actual rooftop materials. And seriously, check out those clouds.


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