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And It's Official: No Widening of 2nd Next to Caltrans

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, February 14, 2008, at 05:52PM
Second Street Sidewalk Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I wrote last week that CD9 had killed widening of 2nd by Caltrans. Brady rightly stepped in to say that just because Councilwoman Jan Perry is now in the neighborhood's corner on the widening, nothing was set until the deal was actually signed.

A press release from Perry's office this evening confirms that the widening has indeed been officially halted. The release is after the jump.


February 14, 2008


Thanks Department of Transportation for Working with Community to Save Mature Trees and Pedestrian Landscaping

Los Angeles-Councilwoman Jan Perry announced today that the Department of Transportation (DOT) will forgo its plans to widen the North side of 2nd Street between Main Street and Los Angeles Street. Thanks to input from the downtown community stakeholders, the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC), and Councilwoman Jan Perry, the DOT agreed to maintain the beautiful pedestrian-oriented area with landscaping that lines the sidewalk next to the CalTrans building.

"A growing and thriving residential community is the heart and soul of our Historic Core," said Councilwoman Jan Perry. "As a City family, we must work together to continue to promote a pedestrian-friendly community. I want to thank the Department of Transportation, specifically the General Manager, Rita Robinson, and the Assistant General Manager, John Fisher, for recognizing the value of preserving this pedestrian-oriented sidewalk."

DOT proposed the street widening as part of the construction of the new Police Administration Building (PAB). The widening of 2nd Street between Main and Spring Streets included a proposal to introduce a pedestrian-oriented, meandering sidewalk next to the one-acre park associated with the PAB. However, both Perry and community stakeholders rejected the widening below Main since the proposal would include the removal of trees and landscaping installed as part of the CalTrans project.

DOT again proposed the widening this year. In response, Perry urged DOT to present their rationale and plans to DLANC and other community stakeholders on Monday, February 4. After hearing from Perry and DLANC, DOT agreed to change their plans and have decided against widening 2nd Street, respecting the wishes of the community.

Councilwoman Perry represents the Ninth Council District, which encompasses the most culturally diverse and vibrant communities in Los Angeles, including Bunker Hill, Little Tokyo, and South Los Angeles.


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