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Chinatown Lofts Adds Interest to Industrial Debate

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, February 20, 2008, at 08:24AM

1101 N. Main This week's Downtown News writes about 1101 N. Main, a 318-unit development proposed to rise near Chinatown. As the article notes, the project has gotten all thumbs up from the city. Planning changed the site's zoning from Industrial to Mixed Use, ruling that the site was better served with a residential development. City Council just overruled an appeal filed by neighboring California Drop Forge, who argued that its presence was unacknowledged in the project EIR. There are two things particularly worth noting in this project:

First, it's "L.A. Chinatown Lofts." Take a look at the render (rotated for clarity) and you'll see that the building footprint is supposed to look like the letters LA. Clever.

Second, it's interesting to see Planning fully in support of this project while it denies development in the southern Arts District. Unlike, for instance, the recent process with AMP Lofts, this site has an actual heavy industrial neighbor with noise and vibration concerns that factor into how the development will play out. Why does Planning feel that those can be mitigated here, but rule oppositely in another part of Downtown?


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