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Extra Reading: Radio Hill and Cycleway Coffee

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, March 10, 2008, at 10:15PM
Radio Hill Gardens Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Recent rains have left Radio Hill Gardens more overgrown than ever.

In all my rush today I never even got a chance to mention that today and tomorrow I'm doing some blogging over at Curbed LA. It's a funny change of pace for me to put an eye to non-Downtown stories. Inevitably, though, all my interests roll back here and both stories I wrote today had a Downtown connection.

First, I took on Radio Hill Gardens and the need to make sure that our current parks discussion takes a good hard look at the resources we already have.

Two important Elysian Park related dates got a mention. Saturday, March 15th, there's a walking tour of Elysian Park. I did one of these last year and it's a great way to learn the park's history.

Then, on Tuesday, March 18th, the covering of the Elysian reservoir goes to the DWP Board of Commissioners. DWP wants to simply stick a tarp or an aluminum roof over the existing reservoir, while the community is arguing for buried tanks and new green space.

My second post was about Cycleway Coffee, a cool new shop in Northeast L.A. It pays homage to the Pasadena Cycleway, a very partially built, short-lived elevated bikeway that would have run from Pasadena into Downtown.

After the jump, a few more captioned photos from a mid-day trip to Radio Hill Gardens.

Radio Hill Gardens

The gates to the park are closed, but up at the top of hill are a pair of handicapped parking spots, installed with the garden in the mid-1990s.

Radio Hill Gardens

Good luck trying to tell me what native plant was set here, but you have to enjoy the snow-covered mountain in the distance.

Radio Hill Gardens

While weeds obstruct the view from the garden side of the hilltop, the area around the city-owned radio tower has some great views of Downtown.

Radio Hill Gardens

I simply don't understand this about Parks and Rec: they love to store dumpsters. Everywhere. Why is this dumpster sitting here, halfway up the hill? Why are there a half dozen more hanging out up top?


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