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A Visual Spin Around the March Downtown Art Walk

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, March 14, 2008, at 10:30AM
The Rowan Ed Fuentes

“I’ve been walking past this wall for years and always wanted to project film on it,“ says Niche L.A.'s Nic Cha Kim of the Rowan. Free popcorn was passed out.

With the ground floor of the Rowan used as a gallery and the north face wall turned into a film screen, this month’s Art Walk expanded Gallery Row's active sidewalk life. Now in its third month, Comedy Walk attendance continued to grow.

Music, heard from the streets in several locations, helped create a sidewalk segue to guide gallery-goers between hotspots. Increasingly, those hot spots are spread out across the Art Walk and not just clustered at popular sites like 5th and Main.

After the jump, a visual tour through the March Downtown Art Walk.

Kirsten Rommel and Derek Steer at BGFA, standing in front of S2 by Robert Horvath. Both were in Downtown taking a break from what they called “working for the man.” They live in Los Feliz, and Steer was taking in his first Art Walk.

Singer Arrica Rose reacts to some spilled red wine at the Spring Arts Collective, which is growing in attendance with each Art Walk.

Felipe Dupouy photographs opened the ground floor space of The Rowan.

A small sculpture by Ramiro Vargas is selected for purchase at the Lamp Community Art Project.


The Regent Theatre held a collaboration by Jennifer Biagiotti and Timothy Williams, skillfully using the Regent’s lobby and empty theatre space.

Here, artist Carlito del Ceggio adds some art to the arm of Gloria Shelby. Ceggio is on a tour of urban art cores around the U.S. and Downtown was on the schedule today. Shelby is from K-Town and took in her first Downtown experience.

Musician and actor Richard Edson's LACDA show takes a close look at miniature subjects.

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