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What's a DASH Monthly Pass Worth to You?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, March 20, 2008, at 12:53PM
Blurred Bus Eric Richardson [Flickr]

With the city's December decision to quit accepting Metro most tickets and passes on DASH, one would imagine that quite a few more riders have been finding it necessary to keep some quarters on hand. Looking to make life easier for them, the city's Board of Transportation Commissioners late last month approved a $9 monthly pass that covers all DASH services.

At $9/mon, the pass becomes cost-effective at 36 boardings. That's a bit of a deal compared to Metro's $62/mon pass (which becomes a bargain at 50 boardings), but it must be asked whether the pricing couldn't be better set to maximize revenue.

This is a matter of particular interest to Downtowners, given our high share of citywide DASH service. Even though $9 isn't particularly much, to me it sounds like something I'd have a hard time recouping via DASH use in a month. While I seldom make 20 DASH trips a month, for me $5 would have a nicer ring to it and be more likely to entice a purchase.

So, going back to Economics class for a moment, where's the point on the demand curve that finds the right mix of price vs quantity sold to maximize revenue for transit service? Or, in more real-world terms, what amount would you be willing to pay for a monthly pass on Downtown DASH?


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