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Manpower Enters L.A. with a 6th Street Storefront

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, March 31, 2008, at 04:55PM
Manpower on 6th Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Manpower's newly opened storefront in the Pacific Center on 6th street.

Global recruiting company Manpower today put out a press release saying that it had acquired CRI Inc., thereby entering the L.A. market. An interested Downtowner could have known that some sort of move was afoot several days ago, when Manpower's flashy new storefront was unveiled on 6th street late last week.

The new space in the Pacific Center has a mod-60's look that really sits well against the building's more classic architecture. While most Downtown residents aren't likely to make as many trips to Manpower as to, say, the next-door Famima!!, the new storefront's aesthetics and nighttime lighting should make it a welcomed neighborhood addition.


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